Honorary Consul for Israel in Scotland


Stanley Lovatt

P.O. Box 5596 Glasgow G77 9DG

Tel: 07590 050960 E-mail: [email protected]

There are currently around 80 Honorary Consuls representing Israel all over the world, primarily in major cities of commercial importance or in countries in which there are no Israeli diplomatic representation at all.  Honorary Consuls are private individuals who act on behalf of Israel on a part time basis.  The Honorary Consuls do not receive salaries or other benefits for their services.  The appointing authority is the President of Israel together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Consuls are subject to guidance from the Ministry in all matters relating to their functions.

In the United Kingdom, where the only Embassy of Israel is in London, I look after Israelis in Scotland, with a colleague based in Cardiff, doing similar for Wales. My third UK colleague is based in Gibraltar as it is a British Overseas Territory.

The primary purpose of Honorary Consuls is to provide specific support in pursuit of the Ministry’s objectives.  The functions of the Honorary Consul include the following;

  • Provide initial assistance and protection to Israelis in distress and liaise with the appropriate authorities in such circumstances.
  • Providing a focal point for resident and visiting Israelis
  • To facilitate contacts between Israel and Scotland and between Israel and the appropriate Government and local authorities to promote friendly relations.
  • Improve conditions for trade and economic growth and the strengthening and expansion of bilateral and other trade relations.
  • Support the objectives of all Israel Government agencies.

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