Glenduffhill Cemetery

Glenduffhill Cemetery, 278 Hallhill Road, Glasgow G33 4RU.

On being advised of a bereavement, our first step is to liaise with our undertakers and arrange hearse and family car(s) as soon as possible. Once this is done, we take steps to arrange Tahara -possible due to a much appreciated group of men and women volunteers who perform a wonderful mitzvah. Once the timing is in place, the family is advised of the funeral time. Help can also be offered to arrange a minyan, should the family find this difficult.

After a respectful interval, a surviving spouse will be offered the possibility of a reserved lair next to their late loved one. In due course, we will offer suitable dates and times in respect of consecrating tombstones and can offer, on request, details of sculptors.

It is our hope to treat families in a sensitive and helpful fashion at all times.

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Contact the Glasgow Hebrew Burial Society – 0141 577 8226 (24hr Answerphone) or [email protected]

Burial Officer: Carolyn Dover 07748 676 429 (Funeral arrangements only)


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