East Renfrewshire Parliamentary Candidate Hustings

We were thrilled to be joined by all four candidates in the East Renfrewshire constituency for our Hustings Meeting on the 27th November.

Davidson, Masterton, McGlynn, Oswald and President Paul Edlin


We thank the community for coming along and participating in our Hustings Meeting, the Jewish Leadership Council for supporting and the Chair of SCoJeC for giving the Vote of Thanks.

The following quotes were taken during the answers to questions submitted to our office before the meeting.

Q: The Jewish community is experiencing record levels of antisemitic hate crime. How well do you think your Party has dealt with the issue both internally and within wider society? 

Carolann Davidson: “The Labour Party need to act, not just talk.”

Paul Masterton: “All of us can and need to do better.”

Andrew McGlynn: “We need to focus on the community and find out what their concerns are.”

Kirsten Oswald: “Your candidate should always call out antisemitism.”

Q: Brexit has obviously been the primary focus of this election campaign. Can you explain your position on whether Britain should leave the European Union and if elected, would you vote in favour of the Prime Minister’s current deal?

Paul Masterton: “We need to get on and deliver what people voted for.”

Andrew McGlynn: “We want the people to have another say.”

Kirsten Oswald: “A vote for the SNP is a vote to escape Brexit.”

Carolann Davidson: “I will be campaigning for Remain.”

 Q: The majority of the Jewish community feels that Israel forms a part of their identity. What actions will you personally take to further enhance the relationship between Britain and Israel?

Andrew McGlynn: “I would happily join all Pro-Israel groups and I would love to visit.”

Kirsten Oswald: “It’s an incredibly important thing for anyone who seeks to represent you.”

Carolann Davidson: “We need dialogue, not boycotts.”

Paul Masterton: “There are huge links to build on.”

Q: The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has stated that she intends to pursue a second Independence referendum in 2021. Do you support this position, and how do you intend to campaign on this issue?

Kirsten Oswald: “I will absolutely be campaigning for an independent Scotland.”

Carolann Davidson: “Scottish people had the vote, we said no.

Paul Masterton: “We said no in 2014. We said no here – that hasn’t changed.”

Andrew McGlynn: “I am a committed unionist.”

Q: Do you believe that immigration should remain a reserved power, or should Scotland have increased control over immigration laws?

Paul Masterton: “We need a system that is flexible and adaptable for what we require.”

Andrew McGlynn: “Since we are a union, it makes sense to have one system.”

Kirsten Oswald: “The current system isn’t working for Scotland.”

Carolann Davidson: “Scotland needs immigration.”

Q: Hate and divisions are on the rise in politics and society. What steps will you take to help in building a more cohesive Scotland?

Andrew McGlynn: “It requires a shift in culture and shared spaces.”

Kirsten Oswald: “People in leadership need to stop, think and be an example.”

Carolann Davidson: “We have to listen to the people and crack down on social media.”

Paul Masterton: “More political leadership from MPs.”

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